Italian Granite for Oakville Homes

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Italian Granite for Oakville Homes
Installing Italian granite in your Oakville home is easy, once you partner with a knowledgeable stone supplier. Fortunately, some of the best stone importers and distributors provide service to the Oakville area! Although granite is quarried in many countries, including Brazil, India, China, Russia, Spain, Portugal, the US, and Canada, many stone experts consider Italian granite to be the finest in the world. That is why you will find a wide selection of Italian stone at better Ontario stone suppliers.
Granite is suitable for floors, countertops, and decorative accents. Granite is super-hard and extremely durable. It withstands heat, and naturally repels bacteria. When properly sealed, quality Italian granite will not stain, chip, or scratch. It's easily cleaned with just a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.
The number one use for Italian granite is the kitchen countertop. Slabs are the best choice, since large slabs avoid the need for seams, although tiles are an excellent alternative for those working with smaller budgets.
Many designers and homeowners choose Italian "Bianco” granite for countertops. Although "bianco” means "white,” the granite is actually off-white, a neutral shade that's very versatile. Another popular choice is "Verditalia,” or Italian green granite. Verditalia has great depth and luminous, dramatic veining. Italian granite is also available in dozens of other colours and patterns.
Choosing a Slab
Never select granite based on a photograph or a small sample, unless this absolutely unavoidable. Visiting a stone company's showroom or warehouse is the only way to choose stone and know for certain what it will look like.
Here are some hints for shopping for slab Italian granite:
  • Choose the granite first. Granite is elegant, beautiful, and unique. An Italian granite countertop becomes the focus of any kitchen, and it will tie together all the design elements of the room if they are compatible. Choosing the stone first is easier than trying to match granite to other design elements.
  • If choosing the granite first is not possible, bring other design elements for the selection process.If you are forced to select the countertop last, be sure to bring curtain swatches, paint chips, or wood samples along to the showroom.
  • Ask to see granite in various price ranges. Granite has a wide price range, from relatively inexpensive to premium exotic varieties. There are also thousands of types of granite, so if none of the Italian varieties are suitable for your lifestyle, décor, or budget, ask to see granite from other sources.
  • Buy slabs in the same "lot.”Granite is quarried in large blocks, or "lots.” If you are covering an island as well as a countertop, you may well need two slabs. If you do, be sure to choose slabs from the same lot, preferably slabs with consecutive numbers from the same lot. This will help to ensure that colour and veining is uniform throughout the whole area.
Selecting the Right Company
Partnering with a respected Ontario stone supplier will help you to make the right decisions regarding granite, fabrication, and installation. Check out a showroom today, and bring the beauty of Italian granite to your Oakville home!